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Linguaclub is a certified language school with many years of experience in teaching students of all ages and levels.

All students have different goals and needs. Some plan to move to the Netherlands, pass the MVV exam and get a visa. Others need to pass their Integration or State exams (Inburgering A2, Staatsexamen B1/B2). Some already lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years but wouldn’t dare to speak Dutch in their everyday lives and switch to English. Others talk to Dutch but make many mistakes and don’t know how to apply Dutch grammar rules.

We considered all of these situations. Therefore, we offer different learning plans, which would ideally suit your goals and needs. Every course is designed and based on a specific outcome goals. We guarantee the quality, guidance, and personal approach in your learning journey with this approach.

Yes! At Linguaclub, we use the basic principles of language learning:

  • Consistency and habit formation

We encourage our students to create a language learning habit, as we believe that it is a crucial element in achieving your learning goals. If you choose to follow our courses, you will receive daily exercises. After completing your daily activities, a task on the habit tracker screen will get colored. This way, you can track your language habits and progress.

  • Covering of all language skills

All language skills are being practiced because an exercise with a different language skill opens every day. At the end of the week, a student can participate in a Speaking Club corresponding to the theme of his/her language block. This way, a student can use his/her language skills actively. Students’ level of language confidence is high because he/she has had extensive language practice throughout the week. Moreover, his/her active vocabulary skills increase since all of the vocabulary used in the week’s exercises correspond to that specific theme. Through consistent practice of the particular vocabulary, a student can remember and retrieve new words appropriately.

You can cancel a lesson 48 hours before the planned date. In this case, the lesson is postponed to another free date. If you do not show up for your lesson, you will still have to pay the complete sum. If you stop within a block of 12 weeks or miss one of your lessons and forget to cancel it, the school will not return the remaining sum. If technical difficulties appear on your private lesson we will switch to an alternative connection. 

In case of force majeure situations on the part of the teacher, the lesson is postponed to later moment.

Your study success depends on the effort you put into it. If you do your homework regularly, you will learn the language faster.This could be a good incentive to make language learning a consistent habit.

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You will learn simple, common Dutch words, phrases and expressions.


You will learn common expressions and words related to topics of immediate relevance.


You will deepen your knowledge of various grammatical and lexical subjects.


You will get used to complex texts, listening exercises, writings and speaking activities.

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