Free News Magazine and Blog Elements Addons for Elementor created by Elespare and contains total 11 elements widgets for Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Widgets Table, total widgets: 11

Widget Title Category Used times Counter
Hero Banner elespare 0
Horizontal Nav Menu elespare 0
Posts Express List elespare 2
Posts Flash elespare 0
Posts Single Column elespare 0
Posts Tile elespare 1
Site Logo elespare 0
Site Search elespare 0
Site Tagline elespare 0
Site Title elespare 0
Social Links elespare 0
Widget Title Category Website url Show on page
Posts Express List elespare https://stage.limassol-greens.com/?elementor_library=villages Element Detector
Posts Express List elespare https://stage.limassol-greens.com/blog/ Element Detector
Posts Tile elespare https://stage.limassol-greens.com/blog/ Element Detector